The Paw cat and dog grooming in Terwillegar

Conveniently located in Terwillegar, The Paw Pet Spa is Edmonton’s finest pet spa and boutique.

The Paw Pet Spa is Edmonton’s finest pet spa and boutique for Dog and Cat Grooming. We book much like a hair salon for people. Our preference is to keep your precious pet for as short a time as possible and we do our best to give you an exact pick up time. If you need early drop off and/or later pick up we are happy to accommodate within our regular business hours.

We make every effort keep your pet paired up with the same groomer each visit to foster a healthy working relationship between them and to better cater to your specific grooming preferences.

Please browse our assortment of unique and stylish retail items for your precious pet as well. We strive to source products locally whenever possible.

Pet Grooming and Bathing

All of our clients – canine or feline receive the Luxury treatment with appropriate Shampoos and a full service of trims, shaves or cuts in traditional or more unique styles.  Just like their human counterparts – our pets deserve the best, and we’re here to provide the care and attention due.

For Pets with Matting and Pelting

Our professionally-trained and certified groomers provide high-quality cat and dog grooming. Our motto is “Humanity over Vanity” especially when it comes to matted or pelted animals. Matting and pelting can be very painful and potentially life-threatening to your furry friend. Though you may want to ‘save’ as much fur as possible, shaving it down is often the best thing to do!  We’ll help you decide on the best strategy for the difficult matting situations that many of our pets face.